Still photography is a powerful way to translate conditions and experiences between different cultures. I am motivated and dedicated to using my skills as a photographer to tell powerful and meaningful stories that evokes an understanding and/or action.

Simple Pleasure of Reading Glasses

In November 2013,  I headed out to Mozambique as a volunteer geologist for the organization African Millennium Foundation (AMF) to oversee the drilling of a fresh drinking water well in support of a further community called “A Nossa Casa.  While on this journey I was the courier for over a hundred glasses that were generously donated by a patron of AMF. Through the connections with a nonprofit in Mozambique called Reencontro we delivered the glasses to villagers within the community of Maluana. It was magical experiencing the simple pleasure these glasses brought to the men and women.  Maluana Mozambique

PX3 2014 -  "Simple Pleasure of Reading Glasses" won a Bronze in the Photojournalism or Press - People/Personality Category

ipa International Photo Awards 2014 – Honorable Mention – Editorial/Personality